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The Return of Dr. Wonder Bred (download)

Band went on the Baker's Dozen Diet which is why this album was thirteen years in the making. Collectively we gained 134 pounds, but the album turned out awesome. The Doctor is in, Pimples! Pairs nicely with ham 'n jelly sandwich and an '86 Thunderbird.

Live (download)

This was supposed to be our final show, but the band didn't get the memo. So we just kept on showing up at any gas station, Taco Bell or salad bar that would allow us to play for cigarettes and chapstick.

Pairs nicely with cold hotdog water.

Albino (download)

Our second album from what is commonly referred to as our "cocaine years". Actually we've always stayed up late and talked about nothing. ::Yoda voice:: "Misunderstood we are!" Pairs nicely with Gatorade and lasagna.

Lost Demo Tape! (download)

Imagine 3 nerd humalien brothers eating yard waste for breakfast, writing music 'til 8am, going to work as labratory rats and returning home just in time to take a marijuana bath before recording until breakfast. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Pairs nicely with TAB and vodka.

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Albino 87
3SP 194
Super Sonic Soul Pimps - Live 24
Lost Demo Tape! 15
The Return of Dr. Wonder Bred 37
Otto Empire 101
458 responses